How to ship anything to or from France

How to ship anything to or from France

Whether you are moving to France or want to send a parcel home from France, Eurosender has a range of shipping options

Travelling or moving to France is an unequalled social and cultural experience. Similarly, receiving or sending packages to your loved ones warms your heart. On the other hand, it is necessary to rely on logistical service to do these things, which can raise several concerns.

Finding an efficient and inexpensive service to send all your belongings when relocating can be so time-consuming. And who hasn’t had the scare of envelopes and packages being lost or delayed?

Fortunately, Eurosender can solve all these problems for you!

Can Eurosender help me send items to or from France?

Yes! Eurosender has successfully helped people ship everything from entire households to special sports equipment with door-to-door shipping services worldwide.

Eurosender offers logistical solutions for individuals or companies, tailored to their needs, at the best prices and highest security. They have an excellent customer support service, available in more than 18 languages, including French!

The company has a variety of services to satisfy you:

1. Are you moving to, or are you moving from France? We recommend Van Delivery Service.

2. Do you need to send urgent documents for visa, employment or study purposes? Use the Envelope Service!

3. Do you need to send a last-minute Christmas gift to your family? Use the Express Delivery service.

4. Do you want to send a product without haste, safely and inexpensively? Check Standard Delivery!

5. Do you need to send something with strange dimensions? Request an Individual Offer!

Van Delivery Service

The Van Delivery service is the most suitable if you are moving. It is dedicated only to your load, it includes a driver, and does not make stopovers, which guarantees more security.

Any large shipment that fits can be transported with the van, from refrigerators to motorcycles. Also, you can choose between two models of van that best suit your need:

1. Box Van: 465 x 165 x 180 cm and 800 kg capacity

2. Curtain-Side Van: 410 x 210 x 230 cm and 1,100 kg capacity

You can book the Van Delivery Service within Europe at just €0.48 per kilometre!

See the example below for booking a van from Barcelona, Spain to Lyon, France.

Other Relocation Services

If you don’t need to send so many things, Eurosender has a solution for that too.

Standard Shipping:

If you want to send only a few boxes, packages or bags not heavier than 30kg, this is the best option. A cost-efficient solution for non-time-sensitive shipments.

Freight Shipping:

If you want to move a large number of items that exceed Van Delivery’s measures, opt for this the Freight Shipping service. You can also decide which specific type of freight shipping you prefer: pallet transport, shared truck, or full truck.

You already know that if you want to send anything from or to France the best option is to send it with Eurosender.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer and send your belongings now with Eurosender!

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