Reasons to buy a French property in the mountains

Reasons to buy a French property in the mountains

Not sure if a mountain chalet is for you? Here are 6 reasons to buy a property in the mountains for both the lifestyle and investment

It is a good investment

Mountain properties are always going to be popular because of the popularity of skiing, especially in the French Alps which is one of the most visited ski areas in the world. And with the growing interest in visiting the mountains in summer that popularity is only going to increase. Property prices in the Alps have risen over the last few years, bucking the overall trend for France, so you should find that your mountain property increases in value.

It has huge income potential

If you make sure you buy a property in a good location for the ski slopes then you should find it easy to make money from your mountain property by renting it out to holidaymakers. The summer market is growing too so you should be able to rent your property over the summer and the winter. Properties in prime resorts have the highest income potential although also the highest price tags. If you don’t want the hassle of renting out your property yourself then you could try the leaseback scheme – find out more about leasebacks.


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Transport links are good

If you choose a popular area then the transport links are sure to be good. With so many holidaymakers travelling in the same direction then there are sure to be low-cost flights and good train links. So it will be easy for you to travel to your new home, easy for friends and family to visit and plenty of opportunities fir day trips.

It is perfect for those who love the great outdoors

Obviously the mountains are the perfect location for skiers but they are also ideal for those who love hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, snow shoeing, dog sled rides and discovering nature. Get outdoors and breath in the fresh mountain air!


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It is a great area for families

Rather than spending their days playing on their phones, kids can enjoy all the mountain activities they could want on their doorstep. Winters spent skiing and snowboarding, summers spent mountain biking and hiking – sounds like the perfect childhood!

The food is delicious (and with all the exercise you can eat as much as you like!)

Mountain fare consists of hearty meals, using involving cheese. Traditional dishes include cheese fondue, tartiflette (potatoes and bacon covered in mountain cheese), raclette (melted cheese) accompanied by a hot chocolate or a vin chaud… Doing so much exercise you have the perfect excuse to indulge without feeling guilty!

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