Coronavirus in France: Key information from President Macron’s speech

Coronavirus in France: Key information from President Macron’s speech

French President Emmanuel Macron gave a televised address to the French people on Tuesday 9th November in which he addressed the growing number of coronavirus cases in France. Here are the key points from his speech.  

Fifth wave of coronavirus in France
The last televised address by President Macron was at the beginning of the fourth wave. This time, speaking from the Élysée Palace, he warned that the fifth wave of coronavirus has begun. He mentioned how coronavirus cases were up 40% in France, and that there were worrying rises in the UK and Germany too. On Tuesday there were 12,476 confirmed coronavirus cases in France and an increase in the number of hospitalised patients. 

Booster jabs for over-50s
From 15th December, over-65s will need to show proof of a booster vaccine to be able to use France’s pass sanitaire, or health pass, according to Macron. The take-up of the booster vaccine, available six months after the first, has not been as successful as the original vaccination campaign. Macron also said that the booster jab would soon be available to over-50s.  

 Before Macron made his speech, a record number of booster vaccine bookings were made in anticipation of measures making them necessary to continue using the health pass.  

The unvaccinated 
President Macron also addressed those people who were yet to have their very first dose of the vaccine. He said: “Get vaccinated to protect yourselves. Get vaccinated to live normally.” 

Economy and energy 
As he is expected to fight for another presidential term in 2022, Macron also used his speech to talk about his plans for the future. His planned reform of the pensions system will not be implemented this year but he did discuss the rolling out of some new nuclear reactors to stop France’s reliance on other countries for its energy.  

For more information on France’s coronavirus rules and news, visit our dedicated page about coronavirus in France.

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