8 things we learned about France in the new July 2019 issue of FRANCE Magazine

8 things we learned about France in the new July 2019 issue of FRANCE Magazine

Every month we learn some new cool and quirky facts about our favourite country. Find out what’s tickled our France-y this month in our brand new redesign issue!

1) There’s a French offal dish called silk worker’s brain…

… Thankfully, ‘cervelle de canut’ is just a cheese dip with herbs!

Discover some more offally-good (and intriguingly-named) offal dishes on P58.

2) Alexander McCall Smith loves nothing more than visiting a French market

The bestselling No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency author writes about the pleasures of French food in his latest novel, The Second Worst Restaurant in France.

Discover what Alexander likes to pick up from the market on P78.

3) You won’t see the same sunflower field three years in a row

Sunflower crops are rotated every two years, so don’t expect to see them in the same field several years running.

Find out more about the yellow French icon with Heidi Fuller-love on P83.

4) There’s going to be a special celebration in Toulouse this summer to celebrate 50 years since the moon landings

Apollo Day, to be held at the Cité de l’Espace on 21 July, will highlight the key moments of the lunar voyage and there will be some special guests, fascinating films and exciting events during the day.

Take a trip to the Ville Rose with Steve Mather on P20.

5) You’ll find what seems like every type of book under the sun at the Marché du Livre Ancien et d’Occasion

This treasure trove of books in Paris’ 15th arrondissement began on the site of a 19th-century horse market and has become one of Europe’s best book markets.

Find out more amazing Parisian markets on P28.

6) Pickpocketing in Paris has risen by 33% since the start of the year

Le Parisien reports that foreign targets are prime targets of pickpockets, who often carry out the crime on the Paris Métro.

See more French travel and tourism news on P30.

7) There’s a street food seller in Strasbourg who sells Alsatian dishes with a funky twist

Pierre Allspach set up Hopla Food in 2013 and dishes up Alsatian classics from his bright red van including pretzels and Alsatian salads.

Try out Pierre’s delicious recipe for carpaccio flammekueche, an Alsatian take on a pizza, on P67.

8) Napoleon would have celebrated his 250th birthday in 2019

The statesman was born in August 1769 and died in 1821, aged 51.

To celebrate FRANCE Magazine’s 250th issue, we’ve collected some more 250-themed French facts on P28.

So what are you waiting for? The July 2019 issue of FRANCE Magazine is out on 29 May – order your copy here.

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