The easy way to navigate around France

The easy way to navigate around France

With Michelin maps and atlases you’ll find driving and navigating around France is simple

In 1900, fewer than 3,000 motor cars roamed the roads of France. Any journey could easily turn into quite an adventure! The Michelin brothers’ faith in the future of the motor car was absolute. To encourage the development of the industry, and consequently, the demand for tyres and other Michelin products, the brothers decided to offer motorists a document which would facilitate their travels, a small guide to improve mobility.

Over a century later, this founding principal is the common denominator for all of the different Michelin publications. Enjoy a comprehensive range of maps and atlases that cover France in scales of 1 : 53,000 to 1 : 1,000,000…

France Road Atlases: Available in 6 different formats from pocket sized to A3, spiral bound to flexi bound, from paper to laminated, a choice for every driver and navigator.

National Maps: Red in colour, giving you an overall picture of the country and your route, key features – distance and time charts, index of place names.

Regional Maps: Orange in colour, primary and secondary road networks. Key features include practical information for a trouble free journey (danger alerts, service stations and picnic areas, they also contain plans for major towns and cities.

Local Maps: Yellow in colour, detailed coverage and perfect for exploring, ideal for cyclist. Include over 20 leisure symbols such as cycling, selected itineraries, sites of interest.

Zoom Maps: Green in colour, covering tourist areas, high level of detail in an easy to use format. Highlights leisure activities such as water parks, tourist trains, horse racing. Includes scenic routes and also major town and city plans.

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