Magical murals, e-scooters and goose-quill jelly: 7 things we learned about France in the July issue of FRANCE Magazine

Magical murals, e-scooters and goose-quill jelly: 7 things we learned about France in the July issue of FRANCE Magazine

Putting together the new issue of FRANCE Magazine every month, we learn lots of fun and quirky new things about our favourite country

1) Châteauneuf-du-Pape may be famous for its wine, but did you know it’s also home to one of France’s top soft drinks?

Distillerie A. Blanchère is renowned for its delicious PAC Citron – France’s top-selling non-alcoholic cordial. It’s usually served with water, but you can also add it to beer for a tasty citrus twist!

Experience the best of Provence’s produce on a tour of the region with Karen Tait on page 18.

2) There’s a special jelly from north-east France dubbed by Mary Queen of Scots ‘a ray of sunshine in a pot’

Have you heard of Bar-le-Duc jelly? It’s been around as early as the 14th century and is traditionally made from white currants deseeded with goose quills for precision.

Find out more about Bar-le-Duc on page 20.

3) Lyon is one of Europe’s first ‘Smart Tourism Capitals’

King of French gastronomy, this eastern city was selected alongside Finland to become a Smart Tourism Capital. That means they excel in four categories: accessibility, digitalisation, sustainability, and cultural heritage and creativity.

Take a tour of Lyon with Karyn Noble on page 38.

4) Eminent designer Charlotte Perriand was originally turned down by her later collaborator, Le Corbusier

“We don’t embroider cushions here,” Le Corbusier had told the Parisian designer before sending her away.

Discover Perriand’s talent and her success in a man’s world with Sandra Haurant on page 44.

5) Béziers is home to an amazing collection of trompe l’oeil murals

They’re a sight to behold! Look up and around on your next trip – you never know what you might spot.

Go mural-spotting with Stephen Turnbull on page 50.

6) Love them or hate them, e-scooters are here to stay in French cities

They’re an entertaining, economical and environmentally-friendly way of seeing the sights!

Ride through the streets of Marseille on an e-scooter tour with Robin Gauldie on page 54.

7) At the height of production, there were well over 100 soap manufacturers in Marseille

And each one had their own unique stamp on the finished block!

Enjoy a fragrant history of savon de Marseille with Lara Dunn on page 76.

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