What French things do you miss most when you’re not in France?

French bread is one of the things you miss most about France ©SbytovaMN - Thinkstockphotos

French bread is one of the things you miss most about France ©SbytovaMN - Thinkstockphotos - Credit: Archant

There are so many things we love about France and so many things we miss about the country when we aren’t there, and it turns out we aren’t the only ones! From fresh bread to quiet roads these are the things you miss most when not in France

Buying fresh produce from a French market ©Deborah Harmes

Buying fresh produce from a French market ©Deborah Harmes - Credit: Archant

1. Buying freshly baked bread every day and not feeling guilty!

Unsurprisingly, French boulangeries and fresh baguettes were one of the things you missed the most. There is nothing better than buying freshly baked bread and croissants for breakfast every morning!

2. Being greeted with a friendly ‘bonjour’ everywhere you go

One of the other things mentioned frequently was how much you missed the friendliness of the French. Whether you are bumping into a neighbour in a shop or passing complete strangers in the street you will invariably be greeted by a friendly ‘bonjour’.

3. The slower pace of life

Is there anything better than simply enjoy sitting in a café, with an espresso or a pastis, and watching the world go by? Many of you said you admired the French’s attitude to life, how they work to live and how they enjoy sitting together at a table for a long meal and miss this slower pace of life when you aren’t in France.

Good French wine is easy to come by and cheaper ©Catriona Burns

Good French wine is easy to come by and cheaper ©Catriona Burns - Credit: Archant


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Roads in France are usually quieter ©istockphoto

Roads in France are usually quieter ©istockphoto - Credit: Archant

4. Shopping for fresh produce at the local market

French markets are some of the best in the world and being able to buy fresh, seasonal and tasty fruit and vegetables at your local village market in one of the best things about being in France and something you really miss when you aren’t there. For some, French supermarkets and pharmacies are also much better than those elsewhere.

5. The food!

It is widely accepted that French food is exceptional and eating out in France is often good value, especially if you go for the menu du jour. These are just a few of the French food you missed most: cheese, bread and pastries (particularly croissants!), moules-frites, crêpes, macarons, salted butter, pissaladière, pain bagnat sandwiches...

6. Especially the cheese

There are hundreds of different cheeses in France which vary in size, consistency, colour, smell and, of course, taste. Bleu and runny and pungent cheeses are particularly popular with the Brits. The best way to sample French cheese is by enjoying a platter of different types served with grapes and bread (no crackers in France!).


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7. Good wine

Along with food, high up on most people’s list was the good quality local wine you find in France. Rosé, pastis and pineau des charentes are just a few of the drinks you miss when not in France.

8. Drinking proper coffee on a café terrace

One of the best things about France is finding a café on every corner and being able to sit outside on the sidewalk (en terrasse), something you definitely can’t do in the UK most of the year! Many of you liked the fact that French cafés are usually quieter (no loud music) and that the service is excellent thanks to friendly waiters. For many of you, coffee tastes better in France.

9. Crêperies

You would never find an entire little shop dedicated to pancakes only in the UK. Crêperies are particularly present in Brittany where you can enjoy either savoury galettes or sweet crêpes. Yum!


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10. Driving the quiet roads

As long as you stay away from all roads heading south during August then French roads are usually pretty quiet with little traffic – something many of you miss when you return to the busy roads of home! Several people also mentioned how they miss the imaginative roundabouts found in France.

11. Speaking French every day

Whether you enjoy practising your French on locals and appreciate the encouragement they give you or simply love to listen to others speaking French, the French language is something many of you miss when not in France. Maybe we should all just start speaking French in our home countries!

12. The beautiful scenery

France is a stunning country with such varied and beautiful landscapes. Some of the sights particularly mentioned as places you miss were the changing light over the Pyrénées, the colours of Provence, the lavender fields, the Seine, Giverny, Normandy, Paris...

13. “Everything”

Well, we can’t argue with that!

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