15 of the funniest French idioms

PUBLISHED: 13:45 25 April 2016 | UPDATED: 13:45 25 April 2016

'Tomber dans les pommes', which means to 'pass out' © Rita Strik / Living France

'Tomber dans les pommes', which means to 'pass out' © Rita Strik / Living France


Sound like a true French speaker by throwing some of these funny French idioms into conversation

Se fendre la poire

Literal translation: To split one’s pear – English idiom: To split one’s sides laughing

Appuyer sur le champignon

Literal translation: To press on the mushroom – English idiom: To put your foot down

Tomber dans les pommes

Literal translation: To fall in the apples – English idiom: To pass out

Mettre son grain de sel

Literal translation: To put in one’s grain of salt – English idiom: To stick your oar in

Sauter du coq à l’âne

Literal translation: To jump between the cockerel and the donkey – English idiom: To jump from pillar to post

Faire le pont

Literal translation: To make the bridge – English idiom: To take a long weekend

Aller se faire cuire un oeuf

Literal translation: To go and cook oneself an egg – English idiom: To get lost

En faire tout un fromage

Literal translation: To make a whole cheese about it – English idiom: To make a mountain out of a molehill

Être con comme un balai

Literal translation: To be as stupid as a broomstick – English idiom: To be as thick as two short planks

Chercher la petite bête

Literal translation: To look for the little beast – English idiom: To split hairs

Pédaler dans la semoule

Literal translation: To pedal in the semolina – English idiom: To go around in circles

Donner sa langue au chat

Literal translation: To give one’s tongue to the chat – English idiom: To give up

Couper la poire en deux

Literal translation: To cut the pear in two – English idiom: To find a compromise

Pleuvoir des cordes

Literal translation: To rain ropes – English idiom: To rain cats and dogs

Avoir le cafard

Literal translation: To have the cockroach – English idiom: To feel depressed

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