Learn French: 10 questions to ask when buying a house in France

Learn French: 10 questions to ask when buying a house in France

If you’d rather know, before you buy, if there are any structural damage or mould problems in that idyllic little cottage in France that you’ve been dreaming about, here are the questions you need to ask (in French!)

It’s important to ask the right questions when you’re viewing a property, especially if it’s an old building. It’s vital to ask about the quality of the structure, whether any renovation has been done, and practical things regarding drainage or any structural movements leading to cracks etc.

So here, in English and French, are 10 practical questions to ask about that property you might be interested in:

1. How big is the plot?

Quelle est la taille du terrain?

2. Is the house linked to mains drainage?

La maison est-elle raccordée au réseau d’assainissement?

3. Are there any pipes or drains belonging to other people that run under the property?

Y a-t-il des tuyaux ou des drains appartenant à d’autres qui passent sous la propriété?

4. What are the warranties available for the repairs, improvements or replacement of items such as the boiler?

Quelles garanties sont disponibles sur les réparations et les améliorations et les nouvelles installations, par exemple la chaudière ?

5. What is the condition of the roof trusses in the attic?

Quel est l’état de la charpente en bois du grenier ?

6. Does the house have any moisture or mould problems?

La maison rencontre des problèmes d’humidité ou de moisissures?

7. Has any renovation work already been carried out? If so, when?

Des travaux de rénovation ont-ils déjà été réalisés? Si oui, à quelle date?

8. Have any cracks been found?

Des fissures ont-elles été constatées?

9. When was the septic tank changed, inspected and emptied?

Quand la fosse septique a-t-elle été changée, inspectée et nettoyée?

10. Are the guarantees that cover certain elements of the building transferable to the buyer?

Les garanties qui couvrent certains éléments du bâtiment sont-elles transférables à l’acheteur?


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