6 tips for building a house in France

6 tips for building a house in France

Simon Warren is a project manager for property developments and is in the process of building a house for his family in Annecy. He shares 6 tips for those thinking of building their own house in France

1. Take as much time as possible to research the market. You need to understand property values, build cost and local planning rules as much as possible before plunging into a project.

2. Your choice of architect is absolutely crucial. Their role extends well beyond the house of your dreams. The architect will help you negotiate the planning rules, provide access to builders and will project manage the build.

3. If you are buying land through a developer then clearly you want to have confidence in them. Check their track record and visit projects they have already completed.

4. Spend as much time on the plans as possible. It is much easier to move a wall on a drawing than when you get on site.

5. Be prepared to keep an eye on things. Even with the best team in place, you need to visit the site regularly to check the progress.

6. Remember that the building process can often be stressful!

Read about Simon’s experience building his own house

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