How to run a successful vineyard in France

How to run a successful vineyard in France

Thinking of buying a vineyard in France? Adam Dakin shares his top tips and appellation knowledge to help you buy a vineyard that will be a success

Buying a vineyard in France is a dream that belongs to many but if you are new to the winemaking industry, it can be difficult to know what or where to buy. All sorts of questions fill your head and rightly so. Is the vineyard well-kept and virus free? Is the winery well equipped and uncontaminated? Are the grape varieties appropriate and planted on the correct rootstock? Is a 20ha vineyard in this appellation viable or likely to be viable? The questions are endless and the answers are not always clear. Winemaking is both an art and a science and depending on your aims, different choices will be made in terms of yields, winemaking techniques and marketing.

Defining your objectives when acquiring a vineyard will enable you to be more efficient in the selection process which can often take up to two years. A broker with an in-depth knowledge of the industry should assist you in defining your objectives before you randomly roam the French countryside, walking vineyards and tasting wine (fun as this may be). Finding and trusting an expert in the field is of the utmost importance to you when investing money in what will become both your home and your business. A reliable vineyard broker should have the following points:

*Full understanding of grapes, soils, winemaking and wine industry regulations *Hand-holding service for first-time winegrowers, leading the buyer through the acquisition process and the French administrative system.

*Full technical due diligence (winery contamination, vineyard viruses, GPS readings…)

*Introductions to specialised vineyard lawyers and accountants


*Bordeaux – €18,000

*Pauillac – €2,000,000

*Sauternes – €50,000

*Beaujolais – €12,000

*Sancerre – €180,000

*Châteauneuf-du-Pape – €450,000

*Champagne – €1,300,000

*Côtes de Provence – €75,000

Reputable brokers with strong industry knowledge in their specific regions:

Bordeaux,+33 (0)670584926

Provence, Languedoc, Rhône valley, +33 (0)635366186

Loire Valley, +33 (02)41385016

Adam Dakin is the founder of Wine Objectives

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