Gardening in September: What to do and what to plant?

Gardening in September: What to do and what to plant?

September is a good time for gardening because the weather is gentler, there is a sudden spurt in growth, and it’s a good time to plant hardy trees and shrubs…

Things to do in your garden in September:

  • Prune climbing and rambling roses
  • Harvest crops that are ready for picking
  • Clear and tidy glasshouses, sheds, and cold frames
  • Continue cutting down any perennials that have finished flowering
  • Weed the garden to keep it free from unwanted plants
  • Mulch the soil to help retain moisture and suppress weed growth
  • Lay straw paths to provide a clean and dry surface for walking
  • Plant bare-root plants, such as trees and shrubs
  • Plant winter vegetables such as kale, spinach, and winter lettuce
  • Prepare for winter by checking that drains and gutters are clear and protecting delicate plants from frost

Things to plant in September

September is a great time to plant cool season annuals such as pansies, violas, snapdragons, stock, calendula, and poppies.


Did you manage to get all of your August tasks done? Maybe it’s good to make a start on your to-do list for October too…

Looking for more on gardening?

The climate in France is generally milder than the UK, allowing for a wider variety of plants to thrive. Many properties in France come with large gardens, providing ample space for various gardening activities. So if you’re looking for inspiration or information, take a look at our gardening page

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