Musketeers, Mona Lisa, Money-saving tips and much more... 13 Things we learnt in the August issue of French Property News (plus Living France), out now!

The August issue of French Property News is out now!

The August issue of French Property News is out now! - Credit: Archant

The August issue of French Property News with 25-page Living France section is out now!

1. City properties are selling fast!

Toulouse has seen its number of potential buyers double since January p.9

2. A fake fetches a fortune!

A copy of the Mona Lisa, the Hekking Mona Lisa, sold by auction for €2.9 million p.11

3. France’s fruit

The second half of April is the best time to see the display of cherry blossom trees in full bloom p.30

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4. As seen on A New life in the Sun : A business in Tarn-et-Garonne

Shepherd huts are called roulottes in French p.36

5. The heritage of Hérault

If you want affordable property in a historical centre with winemakers’ homes on the outskirts it might be an idea to look at the town of Clermont-l’Hérault p.50

6. Meat-free cuisine

There are roughly 150 vegetarian restaurants in France p.55

7. Integration through association

Joining a non-profit organisation, or association might help towards applying for French citizenship as it shows you have integrated p.58

8. Motifs of resistance remain

The Croix de Lorraine and the letter V were a symbol of resistance against the Nazi Occupation, and it can still be seen on some buildings in France p.66

9. Making the most of your money

If you time your purchase right with the currency exchange, you could be maximising your property budget and saving a lot of money p.72

10. Driving circles around the rest of the world

France is believed to have the most roundabouts in the world p.78

11. The most famous musketeer

D’Artagnan, one of the Three Musketeers, was born in Lupiac in Gers in 1611 p.90

12. The women of Paris

Of Paris’ 6,000 streets, 4,000 are named after men, and only 300 are named after women p.100

13. D-Day damage

An estimated 95% of the town of Vire in Normandy was bombed during the June 1944 D-Day invasion p.116

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