An Acre Of The Dordogne


A new book about living the dream in France

For many people intent on buying a place in France, one of their first steps is to read a book or two about living in France. The choice from this literature genre is wide and varied. From Peter Mayle’s classic, A Year In Provence, to The Ripening Sun by Patricia Atkinson, there are hundreds to choose from. The advent of e-readers like Kindle has resulted in exponential growth of e-books. In fact recent sales figures show that six times more e-books are now being sold than the printed word. Kindles are cost effective as they connect instantly to amazon, where you can download your chosen read in just a few moments for much less than the cost of a printed book. When next at an airport just take a look around and you will see Kindles everywhere. There’s a buzz about this book because of its honesty and freshness. It’s shooting up the Amazon sales charts, now sitting comfortably inside the top 50. The author has a genuine style of his own and doesn’t hide from the truth of big issues that come his way during his ownership of the house. This is what the introduction says about it: An Acre of the Dordogne

In 2003, a lovely 200 year old stone cottage called Laurie sitting in 4000 square metres, or an acre of the Dordogne, was bought by an English family. It changed their life completely and brought them joy and pain in equal measure, in particular to the husband and author of the book. The book traces their first tentative steps into foreign property ownership, the happy ownership years in the middle and then in total honesty and candour, the tragedy of a long marriage breaking up. Life starts again for the author when he moves to Laurie to get away from the pain of divorce for a few months, and ends up living the French dream in all its glory for three wonderful years! The book is funny, touching and heart-warming, and sets off at a pace that never lets up. It also gives some valuable tips, information and advice to would be house hunters in France and those who just love to dream about one day leaving UK to live abroad. It covers a six year period in nigh on 70,000 words from search and purchase to eventual sale and au revoir France for a new life in the Far East. This book is a winner and available to download as an eBook for your Kindle. Ian Burgess the author said recently ‘It was a total pleasure writing this book even though it brought back a few unhappy memories, it also reminded me of the many pleasures of living in France and the humorous events that often befall one. Being a lifelong marketing and PR man I was confident enough to write short pieces for ads and press releases but a book is an altogether different challenge. I started by writing notes in several notebooks. Eventually it all came together in a few months of serious application in front of a computer screen. I’m now writing a book of short stories.’

Here’s what some readers said about it: ‘I loved it and couldn’t put it down’ – Mike A. Tring. ‘Thoroughly enjoyable especially as I know the area well’- Ann, Villamblard. ‘As a second home owner in France I could see all the issues and escapades we experienced, in this book, a gem’- Andy F. Newhaven.

Available now at on Kindle. At less than 2 pounds  it’s a bargain read for these autumn days.

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