5 easy steps to pour the perfect glass of champagne

5 easy steps to pour the perfect glass of champagne

Serving champagne at your next dinner party? Emmanual Landré, general manager at Le Gavroche explains how to pour the perfect glass of champagne in 5 easy steps

1. To begin with, the champagne that you are serving must be one that you enjoy yourself. My personal favourite is Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle.

2. Make sure the bottle is well chilled and has not been shaken.

3. Then twist the cork, not the bottle, to release the gas slowly to prevent any splashing.

4. Hold the bottle very firmly at the bottom, clasping your fingers around the dent underneath for a strong grip and hold it at a 45° angle.

5. Tilt your champagne glass to a 45° angle towards the bottle and pour slowly to the top, moving the glass upwards as the champagne is poured. I always prefer to use a white-wine glass, rather than a champagne flute. It makes a real difference to the flavour, as it helps the champagne to breathe.

Et voilà! The perfect glass of champagne!

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