23 French words you will hear on the radio in France

Radio © Rafal Glebowski / Dreamstime

Radio © Rafal Glebowski / Dreamstime - Credit: Archant

One of the best ways to pick up the French language is to listen to French radio, but if you are a complete beginner it can be difficult. So here are 23 words you will hear on the radio in France to get you started

Allumer – to turn/switch on

Être à l’écoute – to tune in

Passer – to play (music/a song)

Un tube – a hit song (informal)

Le hit-parade – the charts

Une piste – a track (music)

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Diffuser – to broadcast

La musique de fond – background music

Les actualités – current affairs

Le bulletin d’informations – news report

Les infos – news (informal)

L’info trafic – traffic news

Les embouteillages (mpl) – traffic jams

Faire la navette – to commute

Une émission – a programme

Se régaler – to enjoy, relish

Un divertissement – amusement/entertainment

D’affilée – in a row/consecutive

Télécharger – to download

Un animateur – a host/presenter

Un(e) présentateur/trice – a presenter

Un auditeur – a listener

Un support médiatique – form of media

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