20 French words you need to know to set up utilities in France

20 French words you need to know to set up utilities in France

Do you know how to say ‘meter reading’ or ‘peak hours’ in French? Here are 20 French words to help you set up your gas, electricity, water and telephone supplies in France

Trouver un fournisseur – To find a supplier

Chauffer – To heat

Brancher – To plug in / to connect

Un appareil électrique – An electrical appliance

Le raccordement – Connection (to a network)

Un niveau de consommation – A level of consumption

Obtenir un devis – To obtain a quote

Provisoire – Temporary

Les plages horaires – Time bands

Les heures pleines – Peak hours

Les heures creuses – Off-peak hours

Souscrire – To subscribe

La relève d’un compteur – Meter reading

La première facture – The first invoice

Un échéancier – A payment plan

Récapituler – To summarise

Le montant des mensualités – Amounts due monthly

La résiliation d’un contrat – The cancellaton of a contract

Éteindre les lumières – To switch the lights off

Allumer les radiateurs – To switch the radiators on

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