18 French words to use at Easter

18 French words to use at Easter

Wish people a Joyeuses Pâques and tuck into your oeuf de Pâques with these 18 French words and phrases to celebrate Easter à la française

Joyeuses Pâques or Bonnes Pâques – Happy Easter

Le Carême – Lent

Le dimanche des rameaux (Sunday of branches) or Pâques fleuries (Easter in bloom) – Palm Sunday

Jeudi Saint – Maundy Thursday

Vendredi Saint – Good Friday

Dimanche de Pâques – Easter Sunday

Lundi de Pâques – Easter Monday

Vacances de Pâques – Easter holidays


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Les cloches volantes – The flying bells, which, according to tradition, deliver the Easter eggs (find out about French Easter traditions)

Les cloches sont passées! The Easter bells have visited (meaning the Easter eggs have been delivered)

Le lapin de Pâques or le lièvre de Pâques – Easter bunny

Oeuf de Pâques – Easter egg

Chasse aux oeufs – Egg hunt

Oeuf en chocolat – Chocolate egg

Poussin – Chick

Défilé pascal – Easter procession

L’Agneau – lamb, traditionally eaten at Easter

Un jour férié – public holiday

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