15 French idioms featuring parts of the body

15 French idioms featuring parts of the body

Brush up your human anatomy vocabulary and expand your knowledge of French idioms at the same time

Ne pas avoir la langue dans sa poche

Literal translation: To not have your tongue in your pocket

English equivalent: To never be at a loss for words

Rebattre les oreilles

Literal translation: To beat the ears

English equivalent: To harp on about something

Avoir le cœur sur la main

Literal translation: To have the heart on the hand

English equivalent: To wear your heart on your sleeve

Se creuser la tête

Literal translation: To dig in one’s head

English equivalent: To rack your brains

Les doigts dans le nez

Literal translation: Fingers in the nose

English equivalent: With one hand tied behind your back, to be a piece of cake

Prendre ses jambes à son cou

Literal translation: To take one’s legs to one’s neck

English equivalent: To run for your life

Avoir le bras long

Literal translation: To have a long arm

English equivalent: To be well connected

Mettre le pied à l’étrier

Literal translation: To put the foot in the stirrup

English equivalent: To get a foot on the ladder

Coûter les yeux de la tête

Literal translation: To cost the eyes of the head

English equivalent: To cost an arm and a leg

Sauter aux yeux

Literal translation: To jump to the eyes

English equivalent: To be blindingly obvious

Manger sur la pouce

Literal translation: To eat on the thumb

English equivalent: To eat on the run

Dormir sur ses deux oreilles

Literal translation: To sleep on two ears

English equivalent: To sleep soundly, like a log

Prendre son courage à deux mains

Literal translation: To take one’s courage in two hands

English equivalent: To pluck up the courage

Avoir les dents qui rayent le parquet

Literal translation: To have teeth that scrape the parquet

English equivalent: To be power hungry

Avoir un cheveu sur la langue

Literal translation: To have a hair on the tongue

English equivalent: To lisp


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