Chateaux, Chanel and Chefs: The January 2022 issue of French Property News (plus Living France) is out now!

Chateaux, Chanel and Chefs: The January 2022 issue of French Property News (plus Living France) is out now!

As the year comes to an end, we take a look through the latest issue of French Property News, including Living France. From expert advice, real life stories and focus on locations, we’ve got all of your queries covered…

As much as 80% of houses on the Morbihan coast are second homes

Read about remote working pushing up coastal property prices on page 9

Various locations along the French Riviera have been used for filming James Bond movies

Read about famous filming locations in France on page 24

A French law passed in 2021 states that the characteristic sounds and smells of the countryside are “part of the nation’s common heritage

Read about countryside complaints of noises and nuisances that are to be expected in rural life on page 28


There are more than 40,000 chateaux in France

Read about one Australian couple’s quest to protect a historic monument – their rundown chateau in Haut-Poitou on page 32

The past two summers in the French Alps have seen a record number of visitors to ski resorts

Read about five different resorts in the French Alps and what they have to offer on page 36

What is the process of applying for a professional long-stay visa in France?

Read about the application process and a dossier checklist for the entrepreneur visa on page 44

Queen Victoria, Frank Sinatra and Coco Chanel brought Biarritz into the limelight

Read about the elegant resort where surfers and royalty feel equally at home on page 46

When and where should I invest in French rental properties?

Read about the best time and place to invest to make your rental property profitable on page 50

Can I gift my French property to a relative?

Read about how taxes may or may not apply depending on your situation on page 68

Is it tax-efficient to rent out my property in France to holidaymakers?

Read about what our experts have to say about your money questions on page 70

There are 24 regional languages in metropolitan France

Read about the joys of France in our Joie de Vivre section, including the Damson Skies and Dragonflies book competition on page 74

Lot-et-Garonne provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the south-west of France

Read about the department, why to buy there and see our pick of the best properties on offer on page 86

A chimney-sweep that’s a top chef in the Alps!

Read about how three Alpine chefs trade their whites in for other equipment as they find other work off-season, swapping chopping knives for paintbrushes on page 96

Roughly 30 million cookies are baked at Maison Fossier every day

Read about the famous pink biscuits of Reims in our food column on page 100

In 2022, my resolution is to start gardening…

Read about the January jardin jobs you should be doing this month on page 102

What’s it like living at Château de Bourneau?

Read about Erin Choa’s experiences in our new column on page 106


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