Brexit, Belledonne and Basque Country: The April 2022 issue of French Property News (plus Living France) is out now!

The April issue of French Property News magazine is out now!

The April issue of French Property News magazine is out now! - Credit: Archant

The average price of a second home across mainland France is €280,900

Find out more about property trends and news from across the Channel on p.8

More properties are selling at, or close to, advertised prices than at any time in the past 12 years

Find out the top 10 questions asked when buying French property on p.22

Chateau de Lomenie, as seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY is on the market for €800,000

Find out more about the artistic chateau on p.18

The Michelin man is called Bibendum and the logo was voted 'the greatest logo in history in 2000

Find out more about Michelin-starred restaurants on p.30


Most Read

Over half of France's departments have some level of termite presence

Find out all you need to know about pest control in France on p.38

Steel prices in France have soared by 50% since the beginning of 2021

Find out how tradespeople are weathering the highs an lows of Covid on p.46

The Belledonne Massif is an adventure playground all year round, and the property market is as active as those who live there

Find out more about this belle region on p.52

Brexit hasn't affected the rates and loan-to-value available to British buyers

Find out more about applying for a French mortgage as a British buyer on p.72 

Why are estate agency fees higher in France than the UK?

Find out the answers to your questions from our panel of experts on p.74 

The Basques are some of the earliest human inhabitants of Europe

Find out more about the Pyrénées-Atlantiques on p.88 

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