Recipe: Spiced squash crumble with Tome des Bauges cheese

Recipe: Spiced squash crumble with Tome des Bauges cheese

Simple to make and full of flavour from the traditional Savoyard cheese, this savoury take on a classic crumble is the perfect winter warmer to enjoy at home

Tome des Bauges is a cheese from the Savoie region and has been produced in the mountains since the 17th century. The cheese must be produced following specific guidelines in accordance with the AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protegée) regulations.


500g squash (such as butternut or Muscade)

50g Tome des Bauges cheese

1 onion

2tbsp cumin seeds

2tsp turmeric

For the crumble:

180g flour

120g butter

60g Tome des Bauges

Pumpkin seeds (optional)


Peel the squash and cut into 2cm cubes. Steam cook for approx. 20 minutes.

In a pan heat 1tbsp of oil. Once heated add the turmeric and cumin seeds. Stir regularly for two minutes to prevent the spices from burning, then add the sliced onion and cook until translucent. Set to one side.

To make the crumble, with your fingers mix the cubed butter with the flour until it forms a rough dough. Add the grated Tome des Bauges and mix gently. You could also add a few pumpkin seeds to the mixture.

Place the cooked squash in an oiled baking dish along with the onion and spices, and the Tome des Bauges cut into small cubes. Stir through 1tbsp of oil and sprinkle the crumble mixture over the top.

Oven cook for 30 minutes at 180°.

To learn more about the cheeses of Savoie visit


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