Dive into world’s biggest art centre

Dive into world’s biggest art centre

Who would have thought a former World War II submarine base in Bordeaux would transform into an immersive art experience?

You could be one of the first to walk through this enormous bunker to view artworks from Gustav Klimt to Paul Klee when it opens next spring.

The enormous bunker built during World War II is taking on new lease of life as a contemporary arts centre thanks to Culturespaces. During the war it was used to house a shared German and Italian submarine fleet. It has now been renamed, Bassins de Lumiéres.

The monumental space, which stretches over 13,000 square meters, will be filled with immersive digital exhibitions dedicated to the great masters of art history, as well as contemporary art.

When Bassins de Lumières opens to the public in April 2020, you will have the opportunity to view different exhibitions across several basins. The main installations take place around four large basins partially filled with water. Visitors will follow raised walkways to take in the experiences, which will reflect along the placid waters.

For the inaugural long-term exhibition, Culturespaces selected painter Gustav Klimt as their focus. Filled with glittering gold, the display will allow visitors to get an up-close to look at Klimt’s masterpieces, such as The Kiss. Paul Klee will be the subject of the first short-term exhibition.

In addition, Bassins de Lumières will feature a space called Le Cube, which is dedicated to contemporary digital art. Digital creation studio Ouchhh is opening the space with Ocean Data, an installation that uses AI to create unique imagery.

Bassins de Lumières is set to open on April 17, 2020.


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