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There’s nothing quite like that feeling of standing outside on deck as your ferry slips out past the harbour mouth at Dover and glides parallel to the iconic white cliffs, before turning its back on England and setting sail for the Continent. Nowadays, ferries are a far cry from the rusty tubs that used to roll their way across the Channel. Today’s ships are sleek, with comfortable, elegantly designed interiors and wave-absorbing stabilisers that give the passenger a smooth journey.

The latest ferry company to operate on the Channel is MyFerryLink, which launched in August 2012. Already the company is gaining a very positive reputation amongst seasoned cross-Channel travellers who appreciate the company’s strong commitment to service. MyFerryLink is unique amongst the ferry companies on the Channel as it is run by a worker’s partnership of the crew and shore-based staff. Employees have invested either capital or a proportion of their monthly salary into the company. The result is a highly-motivated team of staff who are keen to offer the best service possible.

The company aims to be as transparent as possible, so there are no hidden charges, which are so annoying. You can also take as much luggage as you want and you won’t pay any extra if you have a roof rack on your car, so you don’t have to go through agonies of trying to choose which clothes to pack – take as much as you like with you, but don’t forget to leave space for all those delicious French goodies on the way home.

MyFerryLink operates two sister ships, the Rodin and the Berlioz, which were custom designed for the Channel and provide 16 crossings a day. These superferries are highly manoeuvrable and offer a smooth, fast crossing between Dover and Calais. Onboard the light airy spaces offer gorgeous sea views. There’s a choice of places to eat and drink from a more traditional pub setting, to a waiter service restaurant, La Brasserie, which serves regional French dishes. In the Relais self-service restaurant, customers can choose from a wide range of cooked dishes, salads, snacks and scrummy deserts.

It’s an idea way to travel with young children, who can burn off excess energy or sit and watch a video in the soft play area. The onboard boutique is great for browsing too, with its range of gifts, mouth-watering Belgian chocolates, perfumes, wine and spirits, plus tobacco goods and beer. And once you’re in France, you’re straight out of the port onto the motorway and off to your destination!

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