3D Wines and WineVIP partnership


3D Wines and WineVIP have teamed up to offer wine-loving Americans a chance to own parcels of terroir in some of the greatest appellations of France. PROMOTIONAL FEATURE

UK based 3D Wines has just announced a partnership with WineVIP of California which will allow American consumers to lease a dedicated parcel of classic terroir in France. Then a skilled and passionate vigneron will cultivate and harvest their grapes and produce a small quantity of high quality Appellation Contrôlée wine each year. When the wine is ready for release, clients (‘vineyard partners’) will have the option to buy their wine at a very special rate – in fact they’ll pay less than the French. Wine enthusiasts can choose from a selection of the best regions of France and sign up for a period of 1-3 years. They can have their beautifully crafted wines shipped directly to their homes in the USA.

Andrew Bennett Co-Owner of 3D Wines remarked “we are delighted to partner with WineVIP in this new and exciting venture. We have been working with talented vignerons for nearly 23 years and are excited to bring some of our exclusive wines to American wine lovers. These are wines made from very special terroirs, mostly for vineyard partners only and are available in very small quantities. Although we have had interest from Americans over recent years, the challenge was getting the wine to the USA. Thanks to WineVIP this is now easy and cost effective.”

Barry Gilbert, CEO of WineVIP, said “3D not only discovered great winemakers to work with, but they add such great knowledge and passion for the region. We encourage our ‘vineyard partners’ to visit their parcel and meet their winemaker in person. They will be received warmly and will be able to really experience the wine making experience à la France first hand. Drinking their wines will never be the same again!”

The program launches with five wines produced from some of the most prestigious appellations in France.

• St-Émilion Grand Cru Clos Villemaurine (Bordeaux)

• Sancerre Cuvée Caillottes (Loire Valley)

• Châteauneuf-du-Pape (Rhône Valley)

• Gevrey-Chambertin En Songe (Burgundy)

• Champagne Brut Origine (Champagne)

Vineyard Partners are encouraged to visit their vineyard. Their winemaker will provide a wonderful welcome and a real behind-the-scenes experience.

Starting at as little as $135, Vineyard Partners will:

• Lease a dedicated parcel of a working vineyard

• Have their own exclusive wine produced by a skilled vigneron

• Pay less than cellar door prices for their wine

• Have in-depth private tours and tastings with their winemaker

• Benefit from a personal vineyard visit and hotel booking service

• Have the opportunity to join privileged vinous events in France organised by 3D Wines

About 3DWines (UK)

3D was established over 23 years ago for wine lovers who wanted to discover the joy of visiting beautiful vineyards and meeting friendly winemakers, sharing their art & craft and warm hospitality. We choose our vineyards very carefully and our longstanding friendships with our winemakers are built upon loyalty and a passion for exceptional wine. As long as we can find people who will enjoy their wines as much as we do, they are delighted to make wine for their Vineyard Partners and offer it at less than their usual cellar door price.


Contact: Sally Fletcher, co-owner, 0044 1205 820745

Email: [email protected]

About WineVIP (USA)

WineVIP offers American consumers the opportunity to purchase wines direct from wineries outside the USA directly from the estate and have them shipped legally to their homes (in those states that allow wine shipping). Through our shipping expertise we are able to transport wines at a reasonable cost, and because consumers buy direct from the winery, the costs are even better. Now encompassing France, Italy, Spain, and Canada, we specialize in boutique wineries not normally found in the USA.


Contact: Barry Gilbert, CEO, 1 415 935 3561

Email: [email protected]

For more information please visit www.WineVIP.com

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