TV5MONDE October 2012 Highlights


Take a look at some of the best programmes and films coming up on TV5MONDE throughout October 2012…

Foray into France with Michelin starred Chef Guy Martin on 27 gastronomic excursions seeking out the pick of the best of regional culinary produce – Presented by Guy Martin Sundays at midday, from 21st October  

Each 26 minute episode offers an in-depth look at a region’s key culinary delicacies and produce, Chef Martin takes you into a world of haut cuisine looking at the producers, growers, cultivators and the fi shermen who labour to bring us these precious delicacies to enjoy. With subtitles MORE OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS ON TV5MONDE FILM LA FLEUR DU MAL – Directed by Claude Chabrol, 2002 CHABROL RETROSPECTIVE Sunday, 14th October at 8pm, repeated Weds 17th at 1pm and Mon 22nd at 12am

At the end of the Second World War a woman is acquitted for a crime that she committed. In the present day, somebody is murdered during the local elections and an anonymous text brings up the past… With English Subtitles DOCUMENTARY LOUIS RENAULT & ANDR� – Directed by Fabien B�ziat, 2011 CITRO�N, LA COURSE DU SI�CLE Weds 10th Oct at 8pm, repeated Mon 15th at 1pm   Renault and Citro�n. These two jewels of the car industry are part of France’s heritage. But who were Louis Renault and Andr� Citro�n, the founders of these companies? A look back at the destinies of these two rival brothers who, after glory and fortune, experienced ruin and decline. With English Subtitles MAGAZINE COUP DE POUCE POUR – Presented by David Delos LA PLAN�TE Sundays at 3:25pm “Coup de pouce pour la plan�te” (A helping hand for the planet) gives a voice to people who lead an eco-friendly everyday life and gives a “helping hand” to environmental initiatives, whether they come from NGOs, volunteer associations, or simply individuals etc. DOCUMENTARY NUS & CULOTT�S – Directed by Charl�ne Gravel, Guillaume Mouton, Nans Thomassey, 2011 Sundays at 6pm repeated Fridays at 11:35am     Passionate about nature and the environment Nans and Mouts, set off to experience the trip of a lifetime without any luggage, money or anywhere to stay! They plan to fi nd all those things en route via luck, generosity and bartering – a carbon neutral journey fulfi lling a childhood dream. The two friends, who have a taste for “alternative” travelling will experience paragliding in Corsica, ride Tandem in Holland and drink tea with an English Lord in his castle! With English Subtitles TV5MONDE Europe offers (each year): – Over 300 subtitled fi lms – Over 1300 hours of subtitled fi ction drama – 450 documentaries and the best of subtitled Francophone magazines – Plus 19 news updates and features every day – TV5MONDE Europe is available in digital 24/7, via Sky 799 and Virgin 825



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