These are the things we miss most about France

Things we miss about France ©Thinkstock

Things we miss about France ©Thinkstock - Credit: Archant

Feeling the post-holiday blues? So are we. These are the 26 things we’ll miss about France until we visit again...

1. Walking to the boulangerie to get croissants and a fresh baguette for breakfast.

2. The hot and sunny summer weather.

3. The cafés and their unique atmosphere.

4. Feeling refined with a delicate pâtisserie to accompany your coffee or tea.

5. The views of rolling vineyard-covered hills.

6. Strolling around a French market, basket in hand.

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7. Drinking a glass of local wine with lunch.

8. Listening to the locals chat loudly in French.

9. The sound of high heels clicking on Parisian pavements.

10. The quaint streets of any Plus Beau Village.

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11. The turquoise blue sea of the Côte d’Azur.

12. Cycling along the canals.

13. The sound of crickets on balmy evenings in the South of France.

14. Getting lost in Paris.

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15. The street concerts during Fête de la Musique in June.

16. Brittany’s dramatic and beautiful coastline.

17. Popping into a small Tabac to find anything from lottery tickets and lighters, to magazines and stationary.

18. Eating an obscene amount of cheese and bread without feeling guilty.

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19. Watching the sun set over Provence’s lavender fields.

20. French fashion and its effortlessly chic style.

21. Seeing garçons navigate their way gracefully around tiny restaurants and closely packed tables.

22. The mountains - whether it’s long hikes in the summer or sporty ski sessions in the winter.

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23. Lyon’s friendly and welcoming Bouchons restaurants.

24. Wine tasting with local winemakers.

25. Visiting incredible chateaux.

26. The fascinating landscapes of Corsica.

Let us know what you miss most about France!

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