Should you rent or lease a car during your visit to France?

Should you rent or lease a car during your visit to France?

If you’re planning a driving holiday in France then you might want to consider leasing a car rather than a traditional car rental – it could save you a lot of money

Travelling France by car is the ideal way to truly explore and experience the scenery and culture. Renting a car is an easy option that gives you the flexibility to travel at your own pace and stop anywhere you choice. Another lesser known option is a short-term lease, which provides you a brand new fully-insured car to drive during your visit. Auto Europe provides travellers with both options, and helps compare suppliers and rates to determine the best deal depending on your travel plans, duration and number of passengers.

Most people know the routine of renting a car, and a short-term lease is similar, with a little additional paperwork, but those who opt for this alternative tend to become repeat customers since the experience is so great. To help determine which option best suits your vacation plans, check out the benefits of leasing a vehicle for a short-term, often referred to as a buyback program.

The Peugeot Open Europe Leasing Program is an exciting option which allows travelers to temporarily lease a factory new car during their time in France. There are a few reasons why leasing may have an advantage over booking a traditional rental car.

Benefits of a Peugeot Open Europe Lease:

• You prefer the comfort and confidence of a brand new car – If you plan to drive a lot during your visit, you want to be confident you have a safe and reliable vehicle. When renting, you never know for sure what condition the car will be in, with a new car there are no headaches of car trouble or worn interiors.

• You plan to rent a car for over 21 days – While it is possible to book a traditional car rental for more than 21 days, the discounts applied for longer rental durations begin to taper off and the savings eventually plateau. Unlike the difference between a 2 day and 7 day rental, where you’ll net significant savings on your daily rate with the latter, the daily rate will usually be similar when comparing a 20 and 30 day rental. The buyback program tends to be more affordable for longer durations.

• You want the peace-of-mind of full insurance coverage – Peugeot Open Europe cars come standard with fully comprehensive insurance with zero deductible. This is especially important for longer trips where credit card insurance is restricted to a shorter duration. Drive safe, but don’t worry if the unexpected happens.

• You plan to explore and don’t want to be restricted by mileage limits – With a short-term lease there are usually no restrictions on distances traveled. Explore to your heart’s content. You’ll also have access to 24/7 roadside assistance in 38 European countries for added peace of mind during your trip.

• You are a savvy traveller who likes to avoid fees – Again, depending on your travel circumstances there can be fees associated with a traditional rental car such as cross-border fees, premium location fees, young/old driver fees, etc. Typically, a lease bypasses all of these fees, and is even exempt from value-added taxes.

Travellers headed out on a long-term vacation or road trip in France should carefully consider a Peugeot lease with Auto Europe as an alternative to traditional car rental. It isn’t the right choice for everyone’s travel plans, but if you’re traveling in France for 3 weeks or longer, you can probably save a lot of money by leasing a Peugeot.

To get a quote on a Peugeot or traditional car rental visit Auto Europe at or call our experienced reservation team toll-free at 1-888-223-5555.

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