Pays d’Oc IGP announced as France Show Wine Theatre sponsor

Pays d’Oc IGP announced as France Show Wine Theatre sponsor

The Pays d’Oc designation will be showcasing its Landmark Collection at the popular event, which takes place 25-27 January 2019

The prestigious Pays d’Oc IGP, which encompasses one of the oldest wine-producing areas in France, has been announced as the sponsor of the popular Wine Theatre at this year’s France Show. Taking place from 25-27 January in the world-famous setting of Olympia London, the France Show celebrates all things French: travel inspiration, language help, live cookery demonstrations and, of course, wine tasting.

The Pays d’Oc IGP may be one of the newer designations in the French wine world, but its heritage stretches back thousands of years. The designation covers over 120,000 hectares and produces a whopping 50% of all wine in Languedoc-Roussillon. In fact, it produces the highest volume of wine in Europe!

What really sets the Pays d’Oc IGP apart is the wide range of grapes that are used in the production of its red, white and rosé wines; producers have 58 different varieties to choose from.

At the France Show, Pays d’Oc IGP will be showcasing its Landmark Collection in the Wine Theatre, featuring 19 of the designation’s top wines that have been chosen by a panel of international experts.

“I suggested to the tasters that they should select wines that spark emotion and offer enjoyment”, explains Philippe Nusswitz, chairman of the French Sommelier Association for Languedoc-Roussillon and the Southern Rhone Valley.

For the renowned sommelier, the criteria were chosen in response to consumer expectations for these characterful wines. “We wanted to favour the offbeat gems in a bid to continue to raise the bar for IGP Pays d’Oc wines through the Collection accolade”.

Other events taking place in the Wine Theatre during the show will be talks by professional wine expert Neil Phillips, the so-called Wine Tipster, and Susy Atkins, the wine columnist at the Sunday Telegraph.

Tickets to the Wine Theatre cost from £6 per person in advance (booking fee applies) and are available after purchase of entrance tickets to The France Show.

Book your tickets here.

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