9 things we learnt in the November 2018 issue of French Property News

9 things we learnt in the November 2018 issue of French Property News

The November 2018 issue of FPN is now on sale. Here’s what we found out when putting together the magazine…

1. Rennes is now the best place to invest in property

The Breton city has overtaken Bordeaux in a new ranking of the best cities in France to invest in by Meilleurs Agents. More on p13.

2. An attached garage makes for an ideal extension to your living space

But if you do choose to convert it, make sure you plan well in advance and always think about insulation and ventilation as our expert explains on p62.

3. You can find quiet ski resorts in the Alps

It’s not all about the crazy après-ski parties in the Alps! We’ve rounded up 9 Alpine resorts that are traditional, peaceful and more affordable, starting p44.

4. Ponds in France can become protected ‘refuge mares’

There are more than 30 of these protected ponds in Burgundy, as one expat found out when she set out to take care of the pond on her property. Read her discoveries on p48.

5. Purple Emperor butterflies are difficult to spot because they live at the top of trees

Though one expat was lucky enough to see one on the doorstep of her nature gîte in Haute-Vienne. Read about the lovely Moulin de Pensol on p30.

6. There are 4.7 million regular practitioners of naturism in France

From beaches to campsites, there is a wide choice of places to spend a holiday in the buff but why not settle down in a naturist-friendly location? The naked truth on p38.

7. Some 800km2 of the Mont Ventoux are protected by a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The whole of Vaucluse is a great location for nature lovers but the ‘Giant of Provence’ is particularly loved by cyclists and long-distance hikers. Discover more on p66.

8. If you are planning on selling your French house, you will have to pay for the diagnostique reports

This report is essential in the French buying process but is usually not too costly, between €500-€800. Head to p78 to find out more about selling your French property.

9. November is the perfect time to plant garlic

Head to our Joie de Vivre section on p84 to find more lifestyle and decoration inspiration for your French home.

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