11 discoveries about life in France from Living France’s August issue

The August issue of Living France is out now

The August issue of Living France is out now - Credit: Archant

In the August 2019 issue of Living France we explore Charente-Maritime, take a cheese tour and meet UK and American expats with bee-keeping workshops, a brewery, and a cooking school

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1. Fields of sunflowers are a common sight in Charente-Maritime

Learn about the landscapes, lifestyle and properties of the sunny west coast department.

2. If you learn to cook without a recipe you can recreate the dish anywhere

Look inside the stunning former Provence home of American chef Julia Child, where Makenna Held and Chris Nylund have set up a recipe-free cooking school.

3. Sainte-Maure de Touraine is one of France's oldest goat's cheeses

We take a cheese tour of France, visiting Normandy, Centre-Val de Loire and Occitanie.


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4. A brewery can become popular with French customers as well as English

Find out how Hugh and Denise Davies navigated French licensing laws and opened a successful Brewery and Bar in Dordogne.

5. There is a two-way instant voice translation device capable of translating 74 languages

We have the latest language news and tools as well as our 5 min French language games to test you knowledge of la français.

6. The majority of French documents including replicate birth certificates are provided free of charge

Good to know if you are applying for French citizenship or a carte de séjour. We have a guide to the processes and paperwork for both.

(c) Nicki Hibbert

(c) Nicki Hibbert - Credit: Archant

7. "If we can't save the world single-handedly then we can all do our own bit and live by example"

Nicki Hibbert and husband Brendan are working hard to live a sustainable organic lifestyle in Tarn-et-Garonne which they are sharing with the guests of their gîte.

8. A reclamation yard is called une enterprise de recuperation in French

Whether you are refurbishing or buying new, get some handy tips on renovating and preserving those all-important character features.

9. Accuracy is important when marketing a holiday business

(c) Pascale Gueret / Getty Images

(c) Pascale Gueret / Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Our panel of experts has answers to your questions on running a gîte, buying a French home with sterling, and regulations on buying agricultural property.

10. You never know what you might come across on a stroll around rural Pas-de-Calais

Janine Marsh recounts a tale of one of her twice daily promenades in her latest column.

11. You can joust on a boat

Fête de la Saint Louis and the joutes nautiques returns to Sète this August, find out what else is going on around France our news and events pages.

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