Love France and looking for love in France?

Love France and looking for love in France?

Success in finding a new partner can take a lot of time and effort these days. You need to find a dating site that is right for you and your needs; a site that is designed and run by experts – a site designed to ensure your success has been online since 2012 and thousands of expats have joined over the years. Lucky singles have met, become couples and have even married!

Expat Dating France was founded by Katie May, an expat herself, after tragically losing her husband. Her team have years of experience running dating sites exclusively for expats. The site offers a space where users can meet other English speaking people who share similar experiences, get your jokes and love life in France.

“I started Expat Dating because there weren’t any sites offering what I was searching for,” Katie says. “A good dating site has to be trustworthy, professionally managed and easy to use.” She continues, “Most importantly, members on site have to be genuine. I wanted a safe site where I could find other people like me – because that was the only way I’d be successful in finding the right person for me.”

What’s special about Expat Dating France?

Expat Dating France is a simple, safe site with a range of chat and search facilities to find the one you are looking for. The site focuses greatly on their users being safe, they screen all joining users to ensure they are genuine real people. Generally only around 1 in 3 applications are accepted onto the site. Best of all, the sites users are all likeminded people, English speaking and living in France.

“Internet dating can be difficult to get into so help is always close by” says founder Katie May. “We are here to provide the best service possible for our members and we’re a friendly bunch too. If anyone needs a hand, we ensure it is easy to find us, contact us and get the help needed as quickly as possible. Nobody should ever feel alone or without support when they join us.”

A professional and secure service isn’t free, but it isn’t expensive either. “We want to ensure as many people as possible can afford to use our site and find a new partner. Some people would consider that to be priceless!” Katie laughs. “Our fees start from only 5 euros a month”.

Join – the experts in expat dating.

Here is a small selection of testimonials from our users:

“Hi Katie May. Thanks to your excellent dating website I have now found a perfect match. I never dreamt, when I started looking, that I would be given the opportunity to be introduced to so many intelligent, kind and friendly ladies.” Michael

“Hi Katie May, Is there anywhere for success stories because I think you have one already. I’ve met the most amazing guy. I’m totally besotted. I never thought I’d feel like this again. All thanks to you.” Mandy

“Hiya, am popping this note just to inform you that I have met someone on-site and feel that I would like to cancel my profile.Thank you and Bye!” Lindsay

“Could you please delete my profile as we are now moving forward together. I was very impressed with the site and have received some lovely e-mails. I would have no doubt in recommending the site.”

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