12 discoveries about life in France from Living France’s November issue

12 discoveries about life in France from Living France’s November issue

Living France is celebrating its 30th birthday! In this November issue, we look back at past issues of the magazine, readers discuss what made them fall for France, plus we visit Bouches-du-Rhône, Provence, and have the usual expert advice and language games

1. Bouches-du-Rhône is one of the original French departments, dating back to the Revolution

Explore the chic cities, wild mountain vistas and coastal landscapes of the Provence department.

2. Living France was originally called French Living

Former editor Trevor Yorke discusses how it all began.

3. You can win a holiday in the foothills of the Pyrénées

To celebrate our 30th birthday we’re giving you the chance to win a walking holiday with Purely Pyrenees.

4. Morzine is a traditional place to live, with family-run businesses

One couple to share their story of 25 years living and running a business in the French Alps.

5. Handwritten invitations create a sense of occasion

Interior Designer Carla Heyworth lays a dinner table perfect for any occasion and shares some French styling inspiration for your home.

6. Coincidences can be wonderful things

Two friends reconnect after 50 years, having both moved to the same area of France, and we hear from other firm friends about how they first met.

7. A steam train is a great way to discover the beautiful Cévennes landscapes in Gard

Read our list of 30 reasons to live in department number 30 (Gard) in honour of our 30th birthday.

8. Laws separating the church and state were introduced in France in 1905

Our guide this month is to Laïcité in France, and how it affects everyday life including public services and schools.

9. Financiers are cakes that originated near the finance district in Paris in the 19th century

Have a go at making some financiers for yourself with this month’s recipe extract.

10. Le Domaine de Chantilly hosts a twice yearly event for plant lovers

Janet Greenwood from Opens Gardens/Jardins Ouverts discusses attending the Les Journées des Plants event.

11. Some household essentials in the UK just aren’t essential once you move to France

For example, you might not need a tumble dryer if the weather is good. In the first of a three-part moving guide, Catherine Higginson discusses planning and sorting.

12. Gabriel is the most popular name for baby boys in France

We have a round up of the news that has been making headlines in France.

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