How to work remotely from a house in France…and 10 other things we learnt in the January issue of French Property News (plus Living France)!

How to work remotely from a house in France…and 10 other things we learnt in the January issue of French Property News (plus Living France)!

How do you make an accommodation business stand out? What is a syndic and why is it important? How should you go about renting in France? The answers are all in the January issue of French Property News, out now!

1. After a year of the reflection, perhaps 2021 is the year to take the plunge and purchase a French property – in which case, find a list of all the key considerations on page 22.

2. One side effect of Covid-19 is that many people now have the freedom to work from anywhere, including their French homes, we discover on page 26.

3. Beloved by Impressionist painters, the Côte d’Albâtre in Normandy continues to capture imaginations. Find out more about the spectacular area on page 30.

4. Why not add a splash of sunshine from a French-inspired colour palette? Dive into some of France’s most iconic shades on page 44.

5. A hotelier and industry consultant looks at how small accommodation providers in France are making their businesses stand out, on page 48.

6. It can be a troublesome element of French property ownership, but what is a syndic and how does it work? Find out on page 52.

7. Owning one property in France is enough for most, but what about living in in five different French homes, including renovation projects? Discover how a pilot did exactly that, on page 58.

8. Brexit, tax planning, currency considerations – if you’re planning a French property purchase in 2021, our finance expert has plenty of advice on page 66.

9. Historical towns, meandering rivers and a laidback lifestyle – this month we’re focusing on Tarn-et-Garonne. Learn about the delights of the department, some of the beautiful properties you can find there, and how expats have made it their home, on page 84.

10. Moving to France, living by the sea and opening a tearoom sounds like a dream, but it was reality for one bilingual Brit, who tells her story on page 94.

11. Renting before you buy in France can give you a taste of a region and make sure it suits you before you commit, but what are the key things you need to know? Turn to page 104 to find out.

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On the cover: a luxurious manor set in 25 hectares in Dordogne’s tourism epicentre, on the market with Sifex

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