How to market your holiday rental

How to market your holiday rental

Good photos are a crucial marketing tool when listing your holiday home rental online, our expert gives some tips to attract customers

Your online advert needs to grab the attention of browsers, tell them the ‘story’ of a holiday at your property, and persuade them to book – and photographs play a crucial role in that process.

The main ‘thumbnail’ photo is the draw for browsers to click to know more, so post an enticing image that says something unique about your property. An attractive exterior view of the house is ideal.

It may seem obvious, but your photos really must be well composed and of good quality if they are to attract attention. If possible, shoot on a sunny day and play around until you get it just right. The light is often best an hour or two before sunset or early in the morning.

Landscape rather than portrait-shaped photographs work best, and do use larger format photos – minimum 500 pixels wide. Ten images is a minimum to do the job well, and more than 30 can be overwhelming, so around 20-25 images are ideal.

Key images to include in your listing are:

• House exterior; choose the best view or the best angle of the property

• A long distance view of the house in its setting, if practical

• Views looking out from the property at the garden and vistas

• Garden views; especially key areas like outdoor dining and play space

• Swimming pool; sunshine essential, be sure to include lounging area and views

• Lounge; showing comfortable seating and attractive colours

• Kitchen; make sure that it’s gleaming and also uncluttered

• Sample bedroom; with crisp, clean, and unruffled bedding

• Bathroom; this isn’t essential, but it’s nice to include it if it’s attractive

• Appealing details, such as ornaments, fittings, architectural features

• Local places of interest; the nearest village, town, country, beaches to visit, etc

• Local colour; markets, festivals, exhibitions, wildlife, the grape harvest, etc

• Activities; onsite games, offsite walking, cycling or special activities that you offer

• Seasons; show spring and autumn images, as well as high summer. Only add images of Christmas or winter during the autumn and winter months.

Glynis Shaw, French ConnectionsRead our how-to guide for setting up a B&B and gîte in France

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