9 things we learned about France in the January 2020 issue of FRANCE Magazine

9 things we learned about France in the January 2020 issue of FRANCE Magazine

Delve into our ski special this month, filled everything you need to head to the French slopes!

1) Forget flying – you can take a train to the ski slopes of the Alps!

The Eurostar ski train has become a popular choice for British skiers, whisking you directly from London to the mountains.

Enjoy Janet Brice’s A, B, Ski guide to skiing on page 18.

2) The cancan’s name comes from the French word for gossip…

… cancanner! It’s thought to be related to the dance’s scandalous nature.

Go on an all-singing, all-dancing dive into the dance’s lively history with Heidi Fuller-love on page 86.

3) Vegetarian cuisine in France doesn’t have to be boring

France may be famous for its hearty, traditional meat dishes but its vegetarian cuisine scene is thriving. Flan de courgette or artichaut en texture, anyone?

Dine out in Albi with Brigitte Nicolas on page 79.

4) Night sledging is a thing – and we want in!

There’s plenty to do in the Alps this winter even if you’re not a skier. Don your head torch, grab your toboggan and head down the slopes after hours for the ultimate thrill ride.

Join Karen Tait for fun on the pistes of Morzine and Avoriaz on page 24.

5) Hautes-Alpes is famous for its tourtons – you’ve got to try them!

Savoury or sweet, these fried pastry squares come with a variety of tasty fillings, including potato and cheese, spinach or plum.

Find out what else to eat, see and do in Hautes-Alpes capital, Gap, on page 38.

6) Fort Boyard, set at the eponymous fort off La Rochelle, is the most exported French TV format

The actual Fort Boyard is located between the Île-d’Aix and the île d’Oléron and can be seen close-up on a boat trip.

See what else a trip to La Rochelle has to offer with Lara Dunn on page 42.

7) 23 belfries of northern France are Unesco World Heritage Sites

Along with some Belgian counterparts, these beautiful belfries in Nord, Pas-de-Calais and Somme have been designated some of the best in the world by the heritage organisation.

Rudolf Abraham sings the praises of the region’s beffrois on page 53.

8) The English word sabotage has a fascinating French meaning… involving shoes

As you might know (and if not, you’ll find out more in the magazine!) a sabot is a traditional wooden-soled shoe, like a clog, worn in France by peasants and factory workers. It’s claimed that angry workers would trample on value equipment in their heavy shoes to, er, sabotage it!

Learn about the history of French accessories with Lara Dunn on page 88.

9) There’s a huge dragon roaming the streets of Calais

Thankfully, he’s a puppet! The enormous beast, created by legendary French puppetry company La Machine, will take visitors on rides through the northern port.

Discover what else is new in France this month on page 32.

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