The Dover Harbour Board has opened the new exit road delivering dramatic improvements in the time it takes for passenger and freight traffic to exit the Port and join the A20 and A2.

It is estimated that the faster exit times will save road freight operators around �12,000 a day.

Freight traffic heading for the A20 will see average peak exit times slashed from just under nine minutes to just over one and a half minutes. Passenger traffic will also see similar improvements with exit times becoming up to four times faster, cutting the current five minutes to just under one and a half minutes.

Average improved exit times in minutes at peak:

� Freight for A20: down from 8:55 to 1:33

� Freight for A2: down from 7:03 to 1:47

� Cars for A20: down from 5:01 to 1:25

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� Cars for A2: down from 4:55 to 1:38

The opening of the new exit road marks a further important step in the plans to redevelop the Port of Dover.

Robert Dibble, chairman of the Dover Harbour Board said at the opening:

“The new exit road will deliver dramatic improvements for passenger and freight traffic and has been completed on time and on budget ahead of one of our busiest weekends.

“Today’s opening of the new road is a key milestone in our ambitious plans for redeveloping the Port of Dover which will ensure that we remain robust, well positioned to deal with increasing demand, and at the centre of the movement of goods and materials.”

Ferry Operators have also backed the opening of the new exit road.

Sue Mackenzie, P&O Ferries’ ports director, said:

"We hope the new exit road will make a huge difference to the experience of our customers by making their transit through the port more smoothly and quickly".

Robin Wilkins, SeaFrance’s managing director, added:

“Customers are increasingly demanding easy access and exit from the port to complement the high quality of ferry travel today. The new dock exit system is a great improvement and will ensure Dover remains the pre-eminent port for crossing the Channel.”

An LD Lines spokesperson said:

"We are delighted to see this new investment and development officially opened by the Port of Dover, which has also coincided with our recent introduction of a new fast ferry service between Boulogne and Dover. This will certainly provide tourist and freight customers, who cross the channel in just one hour via our high speed Norman Arrow service, much improved reduced timings when exiting the port."