Come and discover Logis…

Come and discover Logis…

Make your holiday extra special by staying at a charming hotel with the best gourmet food

Logis is the leading independent hotel and restaurant chain in Europe, with 2,300 establishments in 8 countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Andorra and the Netherlands.

For nearly 70 years our Logis hotels have been committed to respecting strong shared values: hospitality within accommodation combining comfort and authenticity and the expertise and savoir-vivre of the different French and European regions.

Each establishment offers charming accommodation within a special setting, ranked 1, 2, 3 or 4 ‘Fireplaces’ according to the level of service, as well as the Logis d’Exception, high-end hotels for a demanding clientele.

Logis celebrates generous catering, always with regional, traditional, modern or very creative inspiration, ranked 1 to 4 ‘Pots’. At Logis you will find the best gourmet food with our chefs who strive to showcase their region by enhancing local produce. The Tables Distinguées, selected by a school of renowned gourmet food journalists, are restaurants elevating the art of dining to its highest level of excellence, offering benefits and a unique service.

Logis also offers other types of accommodation: the Maisons by Logis comprised of villas, apartments and gîtes, as well as Insolites by Logis consisting of bubble accommodation caravans and yurts, with hotel services included.

Lastly, the Logis Getaways offer all-inclusive package trips for all tastes, thanks to these six different themes: The Gourmet Life; Spa & Pampering; Yes to the Unexpected; Romantic; I’m up for Local Tastes and Vividly Curious.

As you can see, our 2,300 Logis are all different and showcase their uniqueness for a clientele in search of pleasure, well-being and discovery…

You can find the Logis of your dreams, a place where the art of hosting always fuses with the pleasure of surprise.

Waste no time in visiting to select a destination: your hotelier is waiting to share his knowledge of the region.

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