From legendary cakes to brilliant bees: 8 things we discovered about France in the September 2020 issue of FRANCE Magazine

From legendary cakes to brilliant bees: 8 things we discovered about France in the September 2020 issue of FRANCE Magazine

We never stop learning about France with every issue of the magazine! Here’s what intrigued us this month

1) The Dune du Pilat, Europe’s tallest sand dune, is a whopping 2.7km long and 500m wide!

Climb to the top for amazing views of the Arcachon Bay on France’s west coast.

Discover this natural wonder on an off-season jaunt with Alison Weeks on page 18.

2) Sarah Bernhardt, one of France’s most famous actresses, was the first person of either gender to play Hamlet on film

The eccentric star was also renowned for her menagerie of animals including alligators and tigers, and was rumoured to sleep in a coffin.

Get to know the legendary woman on page 76.

3) The Aquarium de Paris is home to 13,000 fish and sea creatures

It’s also home to one of France’s biggest shark tanks, with 3 million litres of water.

Find out more family-friendly things to do in Paris with Brigitte Nicolas on page 30.

4) Cyrano de Bergerac never actually visited the town that bears his name

Nonetheless, there is still a fantastic statue of him in the town that’s a must-see.

Take a tour of the Dordogne gem with Sandra Haurant on page 32.

5) There’s an unassuming ice cream parlour in Cannes that boasts celebrity fans.

Leonardo DiCaprio, among others, is said to be partial to the ice creams at Glacier Vilfeu.

See another side to Cannes with Heidi Fuller-love on page 38.

6) The gâteau de Savoie is the stuff of legend

It’s said that the cake was invented when the Count of Savoy wanted to impress a visiting royal and asked his chef to create a super-light cake.

See what Jan Mitchell makes of the resulting dessert and of the Alpine town of Annecy on page 44.

7) The mur à abeilles is a restoration project making a buzz in Normandy

In the village of Tessy-Bocage, you’ll find a wall of beehives originally built in the early 18th century.

Delve into the history of these incredible structures with Alison Hughes on page 48.

8) TE Lawrence once undertook an epic bicycle ride through south-west France

Now you, too, can follow in his tracks on the official Route de Lawrence d’Arabie, from Gironde to Haute Vienne.

See how Todd Mauer fared when he tackled the trail on page 50.

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