Giant strawberry tarts and golden gates: 7 things we learned about France in FRANCE Magazine’s new March issue

Giant strawberry tarts and golden gates: 7 things we learned about France in FRANCE Magazine’s new March issue

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our articles in the new March 2021 issue of FRANCE Magazine UK

1) The world’s largest strawberry tart was made in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne

The epic dessert, weighing a whopping 700kg, was concocted as part of the town’s famous strawberry festival.

Take a stroll in this riverside belle with Amy McPherson on page 33.

2) A Vendéen château may have inspired Tintin author Hergé

The Vieux-château on the Île d’Yeu is said to have inspired the castle in The Black Island comic.

YE or NO? See which of the Vendéen islands takes your fancy after reading Lebby Eyres’ adventures on page 36.

3) An old quarry in Provence has been transformed into an amazing art gallery

The Carrières de Lumières (quarry of lights), in Les Baux-de-Provence, projects famous artworks onto its enormous walls, accompanied by fitting soundtracks.

Marvel at Dalí’s work in a dramatic setting with Stephen Turnbull on page 54.

4) Nancy’s nickname is the City of the Golden Gates

The north-eastern city is famous for its Portes d’Or, which can be seen in Place Stanislas.

Admire the architecture of this culture-rich destination with Solange Hando on page 60.

5) Marie-Antoine Carême invented the classic French dessert, the Charlotte Russe

The cake is said to have been named in honour of his Russian employer, Czar Alexander I, and Princess Charlotte, the daughter of his former employer George IV of Britain.

Discover more about the great chef with Paola Westbeek on page 68.

6) The first two people to climb Mont Blanc were a crystal hunter and a doctor

Jacques Balmat hunted crystals and chamois for a living while Michel Paccard was a physician – both with a penchant for climbing, naturally!

Find out more about France’s mountaineering tradition on page 80.

7) There’s a bridge named after Simone de Beauvoir in Paris – have you used it before?

It links Paris’ 12th and 13th arrondissements, either side of the River Seine.

Read all about the amazing life of Simone de Beauvoir in Lucy Parford’s article on page 82.

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