11 reasons to buy the July issue of French Property News

11 reasons to buy the July issue of French Property News

The July 2017 issue of French Property News is now on sale! From stunning French locations to hunting bargain properties in France, here are 11 reasons to read the new issue

1. The stunning manor house on the cover could be yours…

On the cover this month is a beautiful Renaissance-style manoir for sale in the Loire Valley. Open your copy to find out the asking price…

2. Find your ideal French property

With more than 200 French properties for sale of all styles, budgets and locations you’ll be sure to find something to interest you!

3. Renovate your home without ruining it

We found out how to restore your home without ruining its periodicity. Learn from the experts how to avoid the pitfalls of property DIY and be inspired by the expat who’s using clay to create ceramics and to build her home.

4. Affordable properties in the south

No the south of France is not beyond your budget and yes we’ve unearthed properties in this sunny region that won’t break the bank.

5. Find out what it is like to live in the French Alps

Award-winning author Emma Henderson reflects on her time as a ski chalet host in Savoie and how it inspired her latest novel, The Valentine House.

6. Follow a British couple as they buy a house in Creuse

Part two of a series about a couple’s property purchase in rural France. This month: exploring the area and enjoying some down time on a new sofa.

7. Explore the Atlantic coast

We go house-hunting on the breathtaking Atlantic coast from Brest to Biarritz.

8. What is the legal process of buying a French property?

The Notaires de France talk us through the different legal stages of buying in France so you know what to expect.

9. Nantes or Bordeaux?

We take a look at the culture, scenery and properties in these two French cities.

10. Designing and building a home from scratch

Founder of French Property News Dick Schrader describes how he built his own home in Lot.

11. New members to a family mean new vintages for a champagne producer

Adorable baby twins are born into a champagne-producing family. Need we say more?

What are you waiting for? Buy the July 2017 issue of French Property News now!

Or take advantage of our great subscription offers and get the magazine delivered every month!

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