Learning French: 4 useful websites for learning a language while having fun

Learning French: 4 useful websites for learning a language while having fun

Fed up of trawling through textbooks as you try your best to learn French? The key to learning a language is always immersion – if you multitask it with something you enjoy doing, you’re more likely to continue, and to appreciate it. Here are four websites that will help you learn French while doing something you love, from cooking to keeping up with the news, or watching netflix.

Languages Kitchen – Cook your dinner

French food is one of the most treasured aspects of life in France, so to avoid risking a gastronomic delight being lost in translation, you might want to take a look at this nifty website. The Languages Kitchen will show you bilingual recipes with side-by-side ingredients lists and method instructions in both French and English. Immerse yourself in these authentic recipes that include everything from a tartiflette to a tarte à l’orange, with an optional worksheet on the topic at the end. You’ll soon know your mijoter (simmer) from your bouillir (boil) as you learn French food names, instructions and time. 

Language Learning with Netflix – Watch

It’s now easy to learn French while you watch your favourite TV series or movie on Netflix with this handy chrome extension. Download Language Learning with Netflix so that when you’re watching something on Netflix using the web browser you’ll have two lines of subtitles – one in each language. You can choose to have it pause as it translates in real time so that you can read, listen to word pronunciation and even see which words correspond to eachother. A great tool for learning new vocabulary as you watch!

RFI Savoirs – Read the news

If you’re learning French or just want to get up to date with current events in the language, RFI Savoirs has a variety of detailed videos and audio clips in simplified and standard French, grouped by topic. Therefore, you’ll find subjects such as economy, health, culture, history and politics, with practical exercises, quizzes and a forum for you to ask questions and participate in discussions. You can even receive feedback on your writing, all while learning the language and keeping up to date with the news.

Lyrics Training – Sing a song

If you love listening to French songs and would like to know their meaning, or which words they are actually singing, this karaoke-style website is perfect for you. With popular songs by a variety of artists playing, from Edith Piaf to Stromae, the lyrics appear below and certain words are omitted depending on the level of difficulty you choose. Type along the words you hear and you’ll be singing the correct words in no time, perfect for impressing your friends with your musical French fluency. It’s also much more engaging than a textbook!

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The Languages Kitchen

Language Learning with Netflix

RFI Savoirs

Lyrics Training

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