7 reasons you should live in Burgundy

7 reasons you should live in Burgundy

Not sure where to settle down when moving to France? Here are the reasons why Burgundy is a great place to live

1. The countryside is simply stunning

You’ll find rolling hills crowned with vineyards, gentle rivers snaking their way around small limestone escarpments, vast unspoilt rural expanses and little villages nestled in valleys. It is said that when you stand at the top of the highest hill above Chablis, the famous white wine producing vines stretch out as far as the eye can see.

2. The scenery changes with each season

In the summer, the hills adorn a patchwork of colours and lines, the vines creating green parallel lines, rapeseed fields dotting them with splashes of yellow. Autumn is probably when the region is at its most beautiful when the vines turn orange and red and forests glow amber in the sun. There’s a kind of silent stillness in winter when frost freezes the rivers and the trees, coating them in sparkling ice, while fruit trees suddenly bloom in spring, their blossoms bursting with pink and white flowers.

3. You’ll never go hungry

Food is an important part of life in Burgundy and Bourguignons love their food probably as much as they love their wine. Dishes are hearty, flavoursome and mostly cooked with wine. Specialties include boeuf bourguignon, oeufs en meurette, coq au vin and gougères. The region produces world-famous mustard, some fabulous cheeses – Epoisses, Pierre Qui Vire, Morbier – and is home to Charolais beef. Markets are a great way to sample local products and to interact with locals.

4. There’s a lot of wine…

With no less than six different vine growing areas – Chablis, Côtes de Nuits, Côte de Beaune, Côte Chalonnaise, Maconnais and Pouilly-Fumé – you’re spoilt for choice. Living in Burgundy means you are close to all the family-run vineyards which you can visit and do tastings in. It’s even better to purchase bottles straight from their cellar, a unique experience in itself.

5. …and even more historical sites

Burgundy is scattered with charming villages, chateaux, historical abbeys and churches. It has nine plus beaux villages de France which are all lovely to explore, a couple of UNESCO World Heritage sites including Vézelay and the Fontenay Abbey and several architectural specialties including the stunning varnished tiles which you can see in Dijon and Beaune.

6. There’s plenty to do

With such a lovely countryside, there are many outdoor activities to keep the whole family busy. The intricate network of canals enables you to go boating or even canoeing throughout the region and the tow paths are all bicycle-friendly. The Parc Naturel du Morvan has many footpaths and hiking routes but the dense forests all around mean you can also go tree-walking or exploring on a quad bike.

7. You’re never far from the rest of France

Burgundy is conveniently located close to both Paris and Lyon so an easy weekend getaway is definitely doable. You can be in Paris in 2 hours up the A6 or 90 mins by train (TER) and in Lyon in just under 3 hours straight down the A6 or 4 hours on the train.

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