12 reasons to live in Brittany

12 reasons to live in Brittany

Not sure where in France to live? We’ve come up with 12 reasons why Brittany is the perfect place to settle down…

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1. It has a beautiful coast

The region’s wild, dramatic coastlineis not only strikingly beautiful, it also offers the chance for lots of seaside adventures including surfing, swimming and fishing for your dinner.

2. The Celtic spirit

From the lively folk music, traditional dress and merry get-togethers, Brittany’s Celtic spirit is infectious and if you lived here, you could be part of it all!

3. You could eat crêpes morning, noon and night!

Whether smothered in Nutella, topped with fresh fruit or drizzled with caramel, who could ever tire of eating Brittany’s favourite dessert?

4. Property is cheap

With an average house price of €127,000, Côtes d’Armor is the cheapest department in Brittany, and you’ll get much more for your money than in the UK. Have a look at the options on France Property Shop!

5. And the houses are sooo cute!

Whether it’s a sweet cottage by the sea or a little country hideaway, Brittany has stacks of choice when it comes to fairy-tale homes. ______________________________________________________________

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6. You could learn a new language

Although most people in Brittany speak French, you can still hear the traditional Breton language spoken among the locals. What better way to pick up another dialect?

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7. There is plenty of fresh seafood to enjoy

Home to France’s longest coastline, there is no shortage of fresh seafood to be enjoyed in Brittany. One of our favourites has to be the classic moules-frites. Make sure you have enough bread to mop up the marinière sauce!

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8. The stories

Brittany is a land of myths and legends so you won’t be short of bedtime tales to tell!

9. It has lots of tasty cider

Sure, you can have a nice glass of wine or beer with your dinner, but it’s hard to beat a crisp, fruity glass of home-made Breton cider as a before-dinner drink. Santé!

10. There are lots of lovely walks

With its thick, medieval forests and national parks, there are plenty of places to stretch your legs in Brittany. The wild and windy Pointe du Raz in Finistère is one of the most popular.

11. It’s home to lots of medieval towns

From Locronan in Finistère to the harbour town of Roscoff, Brittany is full of medieval towns and villages that are steeped in history and just waiting to be explored.

12. Cities

Brittany has lots of fun-filled, lively citiesthat are home to people of all ages. With world-famous festivals, great shops, bars and restaurants, there is plenty to keep residents entertained. But while these cities could rival any major metropolis, they still manage to retain their quaint Celtic character.

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