14 French house name ideas

French house name ideas for your house in France

Picking the right name for your French house is like a cherry on top of the dream of living in France - Credit: Archant

While house names aren't quite as popular in France as they are in the UK, it's always nice to add a bit of personality to your home and a name is quite useful if you have a business such as a gîte and want to make it memorable. Whether you choose something unique or just a name that evokes a certain imagery, here are 14 ideas on what you can name your French property:

Names that reflect the purpose or type of building

La Grange means the barn

Ideal for a barn conversion, this is a simple but effective name for your French home - Credit: Archant

Le Moulin is French for the mill

While it doesn't exactly make sense to name a terraced house The Mill, if your house is actually a mill, Le Moulin is a nice descriptive name that does what it says on the tin - Credit: Archant

L'ancien presbytere means the old rectory

Like many names, this is one that is used for a specific house, and gives us some information about its former purpose - Credit: Archant

Le Colombier means dovecote

Le Colombier or Le Pigeonnier certainly have a ring to them, but perhaps it makes sense to actually have a dovecote in order to choose this name - Credit: Archant

Les Pignons means The Gables in French

If your house has a prominent gable end, this can be a name that could actually help visitors find your home - Credit: Archant

Names related to nature

Perce Neige means snowdrop in French

Delicate and poking up in groups, snowdrops are a beautiful sight - Credit: Archant

Bouton d'or means buttercup in French

A garden that's a carpet of buttercups makes for a lovely sight - Credit: Archant

Le Coquelicot which means the poppy

In Flanders fields the poppies grow, a delicate-looking but hardy bloom - Credit: Archant

Le Verger means Orchard in French

If your house is surrounded by an orchard, this name is sure to fit - Credit: Archant

Les Saules means the willows in French

Some might be surprised that willow trees are one of the fastest growing plants in the world - Credit: Archant

Chevrefeuille means honeysuckle

Some believe that honeysuckle brings good fortune to your home and its sweet scent will hit you before you even see it - Credit: Archant

Maison du Lierre means Ivy house in French

Although it can be invasive and even affect the structural integrity of a wall, climbing ivy is often part of the image with which we associate an idyllic facade with honey-yellowed stone - Credit: Archant

Les Hirondelles which is French for the swallows

Swallows are the herald of spring, bringing with them signs of better weather - Credit: Archant

Chant Oiseau which means birdsong

Waking up to birdsong of a morning is one of life's pleasures, so why not devote your house to the beauty of nature? - Credit: Archant