Beaconsfield and Langres


On 25 November, the towns of Beaconsfield and Langres will celebrate 15 years of twinning. They each have a lot to offer.

Located in Haute Marne, Langres was already a town in Gallo-Roman times. Built on a rocky outcrop surrounded by ramparts dotted with towers and dominated by the towers of its cathedral it is visible from miles around. Because of its role as a Diocesan See there are many beautiful religious buildings which now are houses or offices. Two famous locals: Jeanne Mance who went to Montreal in its early days and the philosopher Didier Diderot.

In those days Beaconsfield was just a clearing in the woods but soon developed as an important stop on the road from London to Oxford. Langres had many convents, Beaconsfield many ale houses! Our famous locals are the poet Edmund Waller, who built Hall Barn, Edmund Burke and G K Chesterton.

Fast forward! Over 15 years many visits happened, between school children, committee members but some artistic events stand out: a concert in the Langres cathedral by the Beaconsfield High School, some painting exhibitions, a Buckinghamshire patchwork as part the of the exhibition ” Clothes the Ramparts” and recently a very successful visit by Annik Coatalen and her dancing school. The Langrois were dazzled by our young dancers.

Beaconsfield has hosted shows of paintings and photos, two concerts by the Monteclair choir, led by Terry McNamara and both towns welcome each other in turn every year. The Cathedral of Langres and the Parish Church of Beaconsfield both celebrated their 8ooth anniversary this year.

By Chantal Weiss, Member of the Beaconsfield Twinning Association.

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