6 of the best Youtube French teachers to watch

6 of the best Youtube French teachers to watch

Improve your French without leaving your sofa with our pick of Youtube’s top French teachers

Français avec Pierre

Affable Pierre (often joined by his multilingual partner Noemi) makes learning French a pleasure, not a chore. His slow and clear speech means you’ll be able to easily follow him as he discusses all manner of French language and culture topics. What’s more, he even has a series of cooking videos narrated en français, so you can improve your language skills and cook up a storm!

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Street French

Learn to speak French as it’s really spoken thanks to Maïa and Charlie. Maïa is French while Charlie is American, which means he offers a useful insight into learning French as a first language English speaker. With the help of their handy grammar and useful phrases videos, you’ll be well on your way to making your French sound more natural and authentic. For more advanced learners, try their French Talk series, where you can listen into a natural French conversation between the pair about a fun topic and pick up lots of conversational French.

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French Truly TV

Your French teacher at French Truly TV is Virginie, whose bubbly nature makes French classes feel more like a conversation between friends than hard work. Whether you want to brush up on your grammar, find out more about French etiquette or practise your listening skills, she has a great range of videos for every ability. Her most popular video has simple but effective advice for improving your French pronunciation and it’s well worth a watch. She also offers fun online courses and in-person immersion classes in France, the US and the UK; find out more here.

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Hugo at InnerFrench studied at a big Parisian business school and took up a job with a big advertising agency after graduating, but he soon decided it wasn’t for him. After working for the Institut Français in Poland, he discovered a passion for teaching and so InnerFrench was born. Intermediate learners will enjoy his interesting podcasts and his culture videos, which also come with subtitles so that learners of all levels will be able to follow them.

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Français Authentique

Johan’s videos are aimed at second language learners who’ve already got a bit of French knowledge, but want to make their French the best it can be. And as the name of his channel suggests, you’ll be speaking like a real French person before you know it! Improve your knowledge of slang, advanced expressions and useful phrases. It’s perfect for anyone thinking of moving to France and good preparation for students about to go on a year abroad to France.

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En Français

There’s no one person at the helm of En Français, but rather a cheery cast of characters who bring French to life. It may be aimed at younger learners, yet it provides an excellent grounding for older learners too. It’s a great way to pick up some simple phrases, with lots of repetition to help them stick in your mind.

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