23 French words you will hear on the radio in France

23 French words you will hear on the radio in France

One of the best ways to pick up the French language is to listen to French radio, but if you are a complete beginner it can be difficult. So here are 23 words you will hear on the radio in France to get you started

Allumer – to turn/switch on

Être à l’écoute – to tune in

Passer – to play (music/a song)

Un tube – a hit song (informal)

Le hit-parade – the charts

Une piste – a track (music)

Diffuser – to broadcast

La musique de fond – background music

Les actualités – current affairs

Le bulletin d’informations – news report

Les infos – news (informal)

L’info trafic – traffic news

Les embouteillages (mpl) – traffic jams

Faire la navette – to commute

Une émission – a programme

Se régaler – to enjoy, relish

Un divertissement – amusement/entertainment

D’affilée – in a row/consecutive

Télécharger – to download

Un animateur – a host/presenter

Un(e) présentateur/trice – a presenter

Un auditeur – a listener

Un support médiatique – form of media

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