Visas, Vin and Village life: The March 2022 issue of French Property News (plus Living France) is out now!

Visas, Vin and Village life: The March 2022 issue of French Property News (plus Living France) is out now!

The March issue of French Property News is available to buy now, but what can you expect from the latest issue? From visas and taxes to the best places to live, we’ve got your French property queries covered.

Northern Life

The north comes out on top for the best places to live and work in France (see more news on p. 10)

Secret streets

In St Emilion there are around 200km of passageways where sandstone was cut in the 13th century (see more on secret passageways on p.24)

On the right track

Travelling to France by train creates 20 times less greenhouse gas than flying (see more on train travel on p.28)



Parisian Pad

John Simpson and his wife are househunting in the south of France, and reflect on time spent at their Parisian apartment (see more on p.32)

The price is right

How can you add value to your property? Matthieu Cany shares expert insights on property valuation (see more on p.40)

Most Beautiful Villages in France

The Plus Beaux Villages de France association is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and you can win the latest guide (see more on p.42)

Septic tank regulations

As a buyer, you have 12 months from purchase to ensure your septic tank system conforms with current standards (see more on septic tanks on p.50)

Visa requirements

If you will be spending no more than 90 days in the Schengen Area in any 180-day period, you do not need a visa (see more on visas on p.56)

Environmentally friendly French properties

It’s wise to carry out energy improvement works before marketing your property (See more on the impact of French climate change policies on property owners on p.68)

Taxes taxes taxes

Tax residency in France is not the same as legal residency (see more on taxes and finances on p.70)


Do you need a French bank account for a second home? (see our expert panel’s answers to your questions on p.72)

Tour de Vin

France has 17 viticultural regions and approximately 400 distinct appellations (see more on wine areas in France on p.86)

Customs and charges

Items destined for use of furnishing second homes will incur customs, VAT and possible additional charges (See more on moving your belongings post-Brexit on p.102)

On the cover: Seven bedroom house in Mirande on the market for €545,000 with Leggett

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