Christmas, Chalets and Charente: the December 2021 issue of French Property News (plus Living France), out now!

Christmas, Chalets and Charente: the December 2021 issue of French Property News (plus Living France), out now!

As December approaches, we take a look through the latest issue of French Property News, including Living France. From expert advice, real life stories and focus on locations, we’ve got your queries covered…

Fibre optic in the French countryside

Some rural areas have faster internet than cities (p. 9)

French ski properties: in high demand and low supply

More people are looking to buy ski properties (p. 10)

A gastronomic guide to a Christmas Dinner in France

What’s the traditional meal for a French Christmas dinner, and is it true that they eat it on Christmas Eve? (p. 24)

Eau de Vie

What can a pond add to your property? Is it easy to maintain? (p. 28)

Why buy in Sarthe?

From the city of Le Mans to the Loir river (p. 34)

Progress thanks to the pandemic

Learn about the positive impact of the pandemic on the buying procedure, from video viewings to completing without even being in France (p.40)

Sales of bicycles in France rose by 25% last year

Take a tour of cycle-friendly France (p. 42)

Before you go…

How to prepare your house before you leave it for an extended period of time (p. 46)

Picturesque Prades in the Pyrénées

Relax and recover or discover the city through adventure, it’s all a possibility in Prades (p. 48)

Bread of heaven

Why is bread so important to the French? (p. 56)

New-builds are the new thing!

Why are new-builds becoming increasingly attractive to some? (p. 58)

Applying UK inheritance law in France could be disadvantageous

Learn about estate planning in France (p. 66)

Put your trust a specialist currency company with your money

Personal finance and purchasing property abroad made easier (p. 68)

Jacques Cousteau was awarded a Palme d’Or in the 1956 Cannes Film festival

Learn more about the marine pioneer (p. 76)

Why is Charente so popular?

Learn more about the Cognac country (p. 88)


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On the cover : A five bedroom chalet in Savoie, on the market for €1.7m with Leggett

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